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With Personal Training to your personal success

✔ Lose excess weight

✔ feel fit & comfortable in your body


despite a demanding professional life



Do you want to lose excess weight and simply feel fit and comfortable in your body again?

Have you been wanting to start a more active and healthier life for a long time, but you simply lack the motivation and stamina to stick to it permanently?

Are physical complaints increasingly limiting you from pursuing your old hobbies again? 


Do you just want to take care of yourself ,preferably in a very private environment with personal care?

Have you answered "YES" to at least one question above? 

Then I have something for YOU!

👉Find out how you can achieve your goals sustainably in 3 phases.


✔ You and your goals are the focus of my attention 

 With strategies suitable for everyday life you will overcome bad habits

Many years of experience and expertise save you a lot of time to study your own research on training and nutrition

 You train privately - without disturbing glances 


Michael, 53

Field Service Engineer

My weight is down significantly.

I still have farther to go but the process works and if I follow the process I will lose the weight. I feel much better. I can walk long distances without back pain. I have started playing tennis again. My sleep quality has also improved significantly. [...] I can be healthy and lose weight Selina's knowledge and the accountability she provides is the key to making diet and fitness aconsistent part of my life.


Marc, 35

Customer Support Manager

Through the coaching, I have managed to get started in sports. I now do sports every day with high motivation, which I could never have imagined before and would never have managed on my own.

Through the change in diet I was able to improve my well-being and reduce my weight significantly. I have learned that in principle it is quite easyto change from unhealthyto healthy behaviors [...] Also, the success is relatively quickly visible and noticeable.

IMAG6868 1.jpg

Bruno, 50

IT Specialist

Before I asked Selina for help, I had gained weight every time I had long stressful periods, but I couldn't get rid of those extra pounds. [...] Selina helped me with small changes in my everyday life (eating habits) to achieve a healthier and easier life. [...] ln connection with sports and exercise I have slowly regained my normal weight. And in addition I feel healthier and more balanced.


My name is Selina Ferreira 

I am a personal trainer & sports scientist and I have a vision.

I will help you to find your way into a more active and healthier life. Then you can finally feel fit and comfortable in your body again and enjoy your life with more ease.

Outwit your lazy self and reach your goals safely, responsibly and in the long term.

No starvation, no diets, and no crazy workout plans


lnstead, sustainable and healthy habits become part of the new you. Fixed appointments help you to stay on track and save time.


A trusting and friendly atmosphere is very important to me. Because you wlll achieve your goals best if you feel comfortable and have fun.


There is nothing better than to experience grateful people who make wonderful developments to a new me and that is exactly what drives me.   

A conversation with me is worthwhile for you if ... are ready to make a lasting change

...if you want to be significantly fitter and more powerful in just a few months have little time and motivation to do your own research on training and nutrition 


Ferreira4You Personal Training

Brombacher Str. 3

79539 Lörrach


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